Australian Shepherds


Australian Shepherds


Here at Lakefork we strive to raise an absolutely beautiful and loyal companion animal that will Pepper & Friendremain a healthy and happy family member for years to come.  Some of our dogs go to the show pen to compete in agility, herding, obedience, or conformation, some become 4-H dogs, and some are daily companions to their families.  They lie at their owner’s feet while they read and patiently listen to problems and trials of everyday life.  Others go to work every day moving stock at working farms and ranches.  What ever their purpose, it is important that they are part of a family.  Whether it is a family of one or ten doesn’t matter, they just don’t thrive in a pen out back.  


We love our dogs and are thankful every day for theGinger - Trace x Ruby friends they have brought us.  Some of those friends come back to the farm and visit, others are far away and we visit through emails and pictures, all are important.


If you can offer a family for one of our pups, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.  We don’t normally raise a lot of pups, but do have some available periodically throughout the year. 


Judy & Gordon






I had been searching for a female Aussie when I came across an ad for Lakefork Stock Farm There were several red females I had an interest in but I had not seen Gracie yet.  When I saw her photo I was smitten.  I made the drive from Northeast Ohio to Illinois and picked up my girl Looking at her pedigree I was hoping to not only get pretty but also a dog with a good work ethic We have dabbled in the Breed Ring, Obedience and Herding.

In August 2014 I  entered her in Beginner Puppy at The Steel Valley Cluster and Sugarbush Kennel Club Shows She won Best Female/Breed and a Group 2 in both Shows

We also entered a Sanctioned Puppy Match In Ft. Steuben ,where she took Best of Breed and Group 1 We decided to try UKC for handling experience.  In Sept she took a 4th in Best Puppy on Saturday and on Sunday she was awarded 2 Best Puppy in Match.  November 28 we traveled to Wapakoneta, OH to a 3 day UKC show - she wowed me by gaining 4 Best Female, 1 Reserve, 2Best of Breed and a Group 2 win, and she also earned enough points and competition wins for her Championship Dec 6th we traveled to Hado Bar Farm in Nova, Ohio for an Introduction To Herding Clinic I am very pleased to say that my little red dog and her heritage made me proud Her herding instinct came out strong and we will be pursuing this aspect

She has also received her first AKC title,  her CGC

I cannot say thanks enough to Judy for letting me make Gracie a part of my life